the BEST teeth whitener EVER. ♥

so if you think you have white teeth now, you need to try go smile! it really is the best whitener i have ever used & i have tried everything from those horrible crest whitestrips that ruin your enamel to the whitening in 30 minutes with that weird blue light they put on your teeth! why am i telling you this?  1. because i am starting this new thing where i tell you all about my favorite products that ACTUALLY work and because i'm obsessed with go smile! i came across it at sephora four years ago and they had samples so i grabbed a few and i instantly noticed the difference! it completely removes any stains you might have such as coffee, soda, candy...whatever you eat and more! i sware you can see a noticeably brighter smile in 3 days! oh & if your teeth are so sensitive from other whitening products this is your cure, you dont feel a thing! & if you think you don't have time for them, think again because you can do them on the go! hence the name, "go smile". just pop them in your purse! you can order them from their website or you can buy them at nordstroms, sephora & ulta! 


Brent and Alexa said...

you're so stinkin cute Kaysi!!!! I love your posts!!! P.S. I had my first IZZE today!!! So GOOD, and I almost cried drinking it cause it reminded me of you so much!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

you know what is funny- I was just thinking this morning how I wanted to do something for whiter teeth HA HA but didn't want to do those crappy crest strips ever again and don't have time to do it at a dentist office! GENIUS! ha ha thanks much ;)

Doug & April said...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I'm going to get this!! I REALLY want teeth that are so white they glow in the dark, but my teeth are way to sensitive for whitening products. OMGosh!! I can't wait!

Can you tell I'm excited :)