kaysi & ryan's combined birthday party

terry & alan were so sweet & threw a combined birthday party for ryan & my birthday!! they were so sweet & had a bunch of people over!! thanks to everyone who came, you all are great!! today is ryans birthday {june 3rd} and him & meg drove up today so it was fun to be with them on his day!! LOVE YOU ry & i still feel bad about "stealing your thunder" haha!!! happy birthday ry guy!! :)

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Michael and Mindy said...

uhh..that cake? yum.

okay. random. today i was on FB and was looking at updates or whatever and saw your name and was like, "i look at her blog" and it was on Christine Cox's page? (I don't know her married name). And then I came to this post to tell you about it and saw a picture of her?? Small world! Her older brother is my age and we grew up in the same town. Her dad adn my uncle are cousins..or something. Anyway! Small world!