brad & merissa = ♥

yayyyy for brad & merissa!! it has been a long time coming for these two & we couldn't be more excited for them! they started dating when me & nick were dating too & we met them when nick came back to california with me for the summer. we would hang out with them all of the time! brad is one of nick's best friends, they are always playing basketball together! i am so glad that brad married someone cool so when the boys are off we can go shopping together! we are already talking about the vacations we all want to go on!! :) LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! CONGRATS!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Such great pics, I LOVE those bridesmaid dresses!

bren said...

Cute pictures as always Kaysi. You're my fashion idol because you always look so good. And I've been meaning to tell you- I got myself some Moroccan Oil today, thanks to your recent blog post. :)