i miss rollercoasters. ♥

today was so so fun! my mom invited me & nick to go to lagoon and of course i was down--nick couldn't go because his work is gay!! haha. jk! ;) {but seriously} anyways, i just love theme parks & once my mom told me i was so excited! nick warned me though that it was, "NO SIX FLAGS!!" haha. he was right, but it was fun either way! we all were talking about how spoiled we are to live in california & have the best theme parks ever so close and we decided that six flags needs to buy out lagoon and build a massive theme park! how rad would that be?? they would do so good out here! oh & did i mention it has been perfect weather the last few days, minus the thunderstorm that happened on our sunday walk! on saturday i got so burnt from laying out, i LOVED it!! :) anyways, thank you mom for taking me, i had a blast and it was so fun catchin up!! LOVE YOU!!! xoxo


makana said...

If you come to Houston we can go to Schiltterban or Six flags. Am I tempting you yet? :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

How fun! Love the pics.