photoshoot with fumi

{warning a few of the pictures below are pg-13, so if you are easily offended don't scroll down...i'm sorry if you are}

here are some photos of hair & makeup i did the other day at a photoshoot with the amazing fumi. it was so so fun & i learned so so much!! & i was lucky enough to have some gorgeous models as well, that totally filled in for me at the last minute when my other models dropped. so thank you bailey & tisha!! love you girls!!! you might recognize bailey{the blonde} from my nyc trip! she is a doll!


ChloƩ said...

kaysi, you did such a good job! these are great!! you should come and be my personal stylist and make me look beautiful every morning! ;)

Brittany said...


Brent and Alexa said...

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!? AMAZING KAYSI!!!! I could never do something that amazing... you are so talented! You really should do commercial work. serious.