making banana pancakes...

jack johnson has it wrong, he should sing about strawberry pancakes because they are amazing.

so, this morning was perfect. we got all of the kids on my husbands side together for a little mothers day photo shoot with my cute friend liz.

so here is the story, i had no idea what to get my mother in law this year. i have had my mom's gifts for like 2 weeks...i just was so stuck on what to do. i always get her a cute basket full of home decor and i am sure she is sick of getting things for her house. so this year i decided that me & nick would get all of the kids together for family pictures because she doesn't have any pictures lately of the kids since ryan's wedding! me being the last minute person that i am, i called liz last night and of course she was so sweet and offered to do it today! LOVE HER, she is a lifesaver!!

so we got them taken, the location was gorgeous & i am so excited to see them! i bought a bunch of cute frames to put them in for her house & the cabin. so i hope she loves them!! i will post them when i get them! check out some of her photography here. she is awesome!!

oh & by the way it was kind of a crazy morning! we all live in salt lake, the photo shoot was in provo. nick & i had school & work at 930, so we had to be at the location at 8:00. the girls woke up at 5:45am, nick woke up grumpy at 6:30am...we were all supposed to meet at our house at 7:20am to be in provo at 8:00am...no one was at our place so we call ryan & the girls and they wanted to just meet us down there, then we realize that no one had heard from rob, so we call rob...rob just woke up. so me & nick drive down, we take the wrong center street exit drive around for a little bit, then realize after talking to liz that it was center street in provo!! haha. so we get there about 8:20am & the rest of the fam around 8:40ish. hahaha. it was a crazy morning, but we made it & had a blast doing it! some of the shots are just so funny! i can't wait to see them!!

i have the greatest inlaws & am so lucky to have such an awesome family that would get up at 5:45 am on their vacation to take pictures for me & nick and have such a fun time doing it!! love you guys!!!

ps. nick was even on time for work!!! ;)

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