nick's got talent

those of you that know my husband know how much he LOVES to play basketball. nick works so hard all day & goes to school, both full time and somehow manages to make time at least 4 nights a week to play basketball. he lives to play basketball & i love that he has that outlet to go and enjoy and forget about his stresses. his rec team is doing really well, i will do another post on that another time. so a few days ago nick told me about this talent competition at his work and the top 12 people who get accepted win a free trip to seattle to win 10,000 dollars. so nick has this amazing ability to make half court shots, that are really hard to make. he makes them at least 1 every 3 times which is pretty awesome, sometimes more! so anyways he asked me to go film him at the gym making these half court shots for his entry for the competition. it was so funny, i need to have nick get the video on here so it will be coming soon! i think the out takes where the funniest part!! you guys will just have to wait & see! :) i just love my sweet husband!

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Brent and Alexa said...

HAHAHAHAAA thats so funny!!! I can just see you two on the court filming, and nick taking the shots!!! hahaha you guys are so freak'n AWESOME!