how awesome is this...

as you probably know i LOVE LOVE LOVE the w hotel...seriously my favorite place in the world! i have recently found this awesome site called rue la la and came across this article on the w hotel's whatever/whenever policy. such cool stories, something i didn't know about the w, when we stayed at the one in westwood, california i read something about it but didn't know that they were really serious! LOVE it, next time i stay there i am going to ask to hang out with justin timberlake or kristin cavallari! haha. 

{sorry its fuzzy its from my phone}

today i didn't have school so it was really nice to catch up on things & run errands. so you know i caught up on my shows glee, bachelorette & the hills!! can you say amazing!?! lady gaga week was so good, i am actually sitting here on the couch watching my husband sitting at our desktop watching glee on hulu!! hahaha. i think i have him hooked?! (see the proof above) also, the hills was AMAZING. can brody & kristin just get married, i love them together! i just don't understand why people miss lauren it is so much better without her monotone voice ruining the show! ok, now onto the bachelorette...i already have my pick ROBERTO!! you can totally tell she loves him already!! ;) if you can't wait to find out who wins go here...trust me it's right they are every season!

ps. i ordered my birthday cake from dippidee today & i cannot wait!! :)


Michael and Mindy said...

So pretty sure i've commented on your blog before, but i love it! i found it through chloe's...you guys are so cute! and i love the post about your fave products. i want to try all of them!

Liz and Corey said...

You ordered your own birthday cake?!? How tragic!!! How is the trial going in Texas? Miss talking to you!