update on my aunt's murder trial

i NEVER ever thought in one million years that i would be writing a blog post about my aunt mollie's murder trial. anyways, thank you all for the prayers for my family my mom says that she can really feel them while she is in the court room because some of the things she has had to hear in the last two days would normally make her just fall to the floor & ball, but somehow she has managed to get through everything! I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!! here, here, here, here & here are some articles about what is going on with my aunt mollie's murder trial. my mom hasn't been able to tell me very much because of the gag order which requires her to not repeat things that are going on in court, but what i do know is that eric's{the man who killed my aunt} lawyers are trying to go for post traumatic stress disorder, which is a complete joke! i was talking to my mom tonight and a news story came on and she was getting so mad because the media is completely making it look like it was an "accident", which is INSANE because an accident would have only happened once & would not have left 11 stab wounds in my aunt's body!! it's a good thing i am not there because i would not be able to handle it, i would freak out on eric's lawyers!! i can barely contain myself right now. it is just sooooo frustrating because the evidence is as plain as day! they found him outside of her townhome with her blood covered all over him! what more does the jury & judge need to know??? he needs to be put away with capital murder!!! as my mom would say, "this is the death of common sense!!" what is this world coming to? i will keep you guys updated as soon as i find out what the verdict is. my mom said today that they just finished with more witness testimonies, she is hoping that tomorrow they will be able to close the case, but is expecting them to play on the "post traumatic stress disorder" card.

here is only the first part of the 911 call.


ChloƩ said...

Kaysi, can i just tell you that your comment just made my night? thank you so much! you are soo sweet! i am so glad we are blog friends :) you are such a sweet girl, and i have no doubt that we could be real life friends!

i am so sorry about this murder trial. i honestly can't even comprehend what this is like for your family. it's hard enough having to go through a death in the family, but throw in a murder and someone trying to claim post traumatic stress? i just can't even imagine...

i will keep you guys in my prayers! if there is anything i can do, please let me know! even if you just need to vent! :) have a great night girl!

Michael & Mindy said...

I just found your blog through Chloe's and think it is so cute! You guys seem so cute! Sorry to be random. Just wanted to say hi!

makana said...

This is silly. I can't believe how they are reporting this. A mother, daughter, sister, aunt was killed. There has to be justice. Reading the articles made me upset and the 911 call too.
This is proof that there is power in prayer. Prayer strengthens us, like is has been doing for your family.

McCormick Family said...

Hey girl! I have missed you so much, we need to play! I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt and this kills me to read that this is a true story and has happened to your sweet family. It is interesting to read the articles because last semester I did a research paper on PTSD in Iraq soldiers. These articles and this man's Attorney's make me so made because in all the research I had done, all said that there are many signs that prove that someone is suffering from this disorder way before they do something like this. What makes me so mad is I know these Attorney's know that the man they are defending is wrong and that if he really had this disorder he would have seen signs early before ever committing a crime like this. Another thing that makes me so mad is that I appreciate what our soldiers are doing for us, but that does not give them the right to come home and start killing everyone. Just because they served our country doesn't mean they can come home and be above the law.

I love you so much and am so sorry for the pain that you have suffered for this, but I will pray for you and your family during this time. Love you girl and keep me posted!