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today, the owner of all of the paul mitchell schools came to visit us & do an interview for entrepreneuer of the year. he is always so nice & motivating when you talk to him! i love when we have people like that come into our school, it gives us a kick in the butt! the picture above is with dave holland{one of the national pmts instructors--who i just LOVE}, angie katsanevas, shawn trujillo{owners of the salt lake city paul mitchell & all of the lunatic fringe salons} & winn claybaugh{owner & founder of all of the paul mitchell schools}.

p.s. i am GRADUATING in seven weeks!!!! yayyyy!

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bren said...

So I just scrolled down and saw your pics from NYC. You got a pic with Nick Arrojo (sp?)? That's awesome, was he nice? He always seemed so nice on tv haha. Also I saw the quote at the bottom of your blog by President Hinckley. Would it be really annoying if I stole it from you and posted it on my blog? I loved it!