sushi with alexa & the billionare

tonight me & nick met up with alexa & her family and friends for a little graduation goodbye dinner in park city. it was bittersweet, i already miss her so much! today was the first day with her not at school with me & within the first hour she was gone i already had something to tell her! i just love her so much, she has gotten to be one of my best friends!!! i don't know what i am going to do without her! i love you alexa!!!

ps. she is moving to sacramento, so that is why i am so sad!! :( at least i can see her when i go home...

pss. the guy that took all of us out was a billionaire!! haha. that is why my title is well, ya know! :)

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Mills Family said...

a billionaire, that is just crazy money huh! Wow, I can't even wrap my mind around that. So fun! Hey, by the way, you are so beautiful! I love your cute syle. And, you also have the neatest posts where you are always doing something so fun!