happy graduation alexa love

i love alexa & am so SOO sad that she isn't with me & school anymore. here graduation was on tuesday. needless to say school is NOT the same without here. on tuesday everyone kept coming up to me & asking me if i was ok because i just looked really sad! :( haha. i miss her so much!! she will always be one of my very best friends, we could seriously talk for HOURS & HOURS and never loose conversation. we are just on the same page on so many things, i just love it!! i know i met her for a reason, she is such an amazing person and so so talented at everything she does! especially hair!! :) check out the video i made alexa here.

ps. YES, my camera died right as me & her were about to take a picture!!! STUPID!!! i will have to have her send me the one she took on her phone!


Candice said...

Such a cute video!! Love You!!

Brent and Alexa said...

Oh I love you KAYSI!!!! I miss you so much, this is definitely where you're supposed to be!!!