ToDd & cHrIsTiNe'S ReCePtIoN. ♥

the reception was at this cute little venue right down the street from christine's house!! it was a blast!! they had the best cupcakes too! ;) we are just so happy for todd & christine and excited that they live like right down the street from us so we can see them more!!


grant + brittany said...

i so wish we would have had sparklers like that at our wedding. it's almost depressing. like in pictures? its so cute. anyway where did you get your jacket? i've been wanting one just like it. also it looks beautiful with your hair color, your hair color works so well with a buhzillion colors. how fun. :)

Adam and Annie Fox said...

LOVE the hair too! Where do you get your extensions (you do have extensions right?)? I LOVE to have some on but the ones I had from Canada are worn out now. What s the best way for me to go without going broke? Thanks for the advice;)