HaNgInG OuT iN mAnTi & EpHrAiM. woot woot. ♥

{bowling in ephraim}

{notice the random mounts in the background...hahaha}

{yes, the boys brought the mask in the bowling alley!!}

{playing around with bret's fake hand and jacket...creeeepy!}

{nick running around the streets of manti after lunch}

{seriously though, how creepy is that?!?!}

so if any of you have heard of manti--it is the smallest town in utah and is about 2 hours south east of provo. oh my, you all thought that i lived in the middle of no where?!?! i was in shock! hahaha. so we had like 6 hours after the sealing to hang out and find something to do. so we went to this yummy burger place to eat and then went to this SUPER OLD...kind of scary bowling alley afterwards!! haha. it had like deer heads in the inside. then, as you can see in the pictures above my husband and his friends got a little wierd and totally wanted to freak people out and put on this mask and wierd hand and would run all over the streets of manti!! hahaha. you HAD to be there--the little things that entertained us!! thankfully, these boys grew up in the city or they would be doing that kind of stuff all of the time! it was fun to just hang out for a while though! manti is a cute little town!!

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grant + brittany said...

oh. my. gosh. hello i love manti and ephraim. i went to snow college and i have so many fond memories in little ephraim. and that bowling alley? you don't understand.... it is quite a hang out for college kids... i love it there! grant makes fun of the fact that you have to keep track of your score by WRITING it down but i think its so fun. i'm so glad you liked it! i wish i could drive there right now and eat ice cream at my favorite little parlor. oh i could just go on and on....