things that make me happy. ♥

{my husband}

for taking such good care of me since i got my wisdom teeth out. which has been the WORST! throwing up, not taking pain meds and can barely sleep. he has been such a trooper! thanks honey! :)


i absolutely adore these flowers. they are so different and so beautiful! 

{my grandma donna's chicken & rice soup}

i wish i still lived in california sometimes, especially now because i know she would bring me some. :( miss you grandma!!

{halloween time}

{pictures courtesy of martha stewart}

i just love this time of year and all of the fun things you can do with decorations!! :) i cannot wait till we buy a house because i will for sure throw an annual halloween party!! 

{philosophy body wash}

oatmeal raisin is my FAVVORITE body wash for this time of year. my best friend used to work in nordstroms at the philosophy counter and got me hooked on their products. i normally hate anything that has oatmeal & raisins in it, but this body wash is divine and the scent stays for a while. i love it--try it! :)

{yankee candles}

yankee candles are the only candles i buy, they have the best scents and last forever! last year i stocked up on a bunch of these pumpkin pie candles. i love lighting them this time of year. 

{iris & light}

don't you just adore this video from iris & light...aka my new favorite company? this video just melts my heart--they are THE cutest couple ever. im pretty sure me and nick have watched this video 100 times!


Brent and Alexa said...

That second song is by my all time favorite girl RILO KILEY!!!! I can play ALL her songs on the guitar! Not very well, but MAN I love her. This has't to be the best video besides yours :)

Anonymous said...

I love that video. Wish I would have thought about that when I got married.

Chris McClain said...

I agree with Brent and Alexa! Great Vid, but yours is waaaaay better!! Ha Ha!! They do great work:) Looks like they're using my camera on this one:)