1 year anniversary. ♥

{october 17th, 2009}


{seth's football game}

{the cabin}

{the view from the front deck}

{lighting the fire}

{so cute, huh?}

so for our 1 year anniversary nick planned for us to stay up at his parent's cabin in bear lake for the weekend so we decided to head up early and go and visit my family at their house in idaho{where they live for the school year} for my brother's football game. we had so much fun just hanging out with my family. we rode quads, played with the puppies, visited with some old friends, celebrated nicks bday a little late and opened presents up from my parents for our anniversary. the next day we went up to bear lake and went out to dinner in pocatello...if you have ever been to pocatello you know that there is not much there. so we tried to find a place to eat and ended up at red lobster, which was yummy. then we got to the cabin later that night and settled in. :) nick started a fire and we watched the movie, "no reservations" which is so cute!! it was so romantic up there and peaceful!! we had such a fun time!! thanks big al and ter bear for letting us use it for the weekend! {they are still in the middle of finishing it, but the basement and garage are finished so we stayed in the bedroom down there} by the way, A YEAR ALREADY?!?! can you believe it??? time has just flown by this year has been such a great year!! we have had some crazy things happen from the miscarriage to nick injuring his shoulder REALLY bad {he's having surgery in feb}, but other than that it has been perfect!! we have really learned how to communicate and work as a team and i canNOT wait for the future and to have a family!! i just love my cute little husband!! he's the best!! LOVE YOU!! xoxo


Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary! I, too, can't believe it has been a year since we all went to Sacramento and saw you get married. That was a fabulous day! Congratulations and here's to many, many more!

kaelyn&bryan said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Cute cabin! Congratulations on 1 year!!

Brent and Alexa said...

YAY!!! HAPPY HAPPY ONE YEAR! I love you Kaysi Fox!