ryan & megan's wedding. ♥

{more rehearsal dinner}

{me & the groom}


{me & ter bear}

{nick & rob with their cousin chris}

{i l.o.v.e. my husband!}

{me & my cute sister in laws}

{the bridesmaids & groomsmen}

{rob & nick}

{nick & meg}

{after the temple at bjs}

{the twins with grandma fox}

{everyone waiting outside}

{me & nick with his parents}

{steph, me & mon--i just LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!}

{nick with his parents}

{aren't they so gq??}

{the sistas}

{so in love}

{hanging outside of the temple}

{introducing mr and mrs ryan fox!!!!}

{the four fox sons--larry, bruce, alan & jeff}

{monica & jason}

{getting ready to leave for the temple}

{big al(nicks dad) & rob}

{jay & lisa}

{grandma fox & tammy}

{bruce & jeanette}

{me & nickers}

{nick & his cute mom}

{nick with chris's son christian}

{the soon to be ryan & megan fox}

{steph & rob}

{bill & judy--nick's grandparents--they're sooooooo sweet!}

{they're so cute!!}

{teresita cooking some steak tacos for the rehersal dinner}

{rob & jay}

{mon & jason}

{steph, chris's wife(nicks cousin) and me}

{i have the sweetest husband EVER}

{steph, jas & monica on the way to the rehersal dinner}

{rob being silly}

{the garden room is amazing}

{nick & steph}

{all of us at the bellagio garden room}

so this past weekend me and nick and all of the fox family went down for ryan's wedding! everything from the rehersal dinner to walking down the strip to the ceremony was a blast! it was really nice to be able to get away from school and work! we really needed it!! haha. nick and i have decided we need to go on more vacations while it's just us two! :) anyways, we are so excited to have a new sister in law in the family! megan is just such a sweet girl, she is perfect for ryan in every way!

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Tammy said...

Great job with the pictures, guys!! They are beautiful! I am so glad I got to spend a little time with you both...can't wait to see you again...;0)