the gathering '09

{me & stephanie kocielski!!!}

{waiting for the show to start}

{So excited for the show}

{five of the top most influential/greatest hair dressers in the world}

{after kel's show}

{waiting backstage}

{the 1,000 dollars sundae}

{us at serendipity}

{getting ready to watch kellee's show}

{backstage with robert cromeans!!!!!!!!!!!}

{me with eloise dejoria--john paul's wife!!}

{after kellee's show}

{me & alexa with last years winners of americas best dance crew(the quest crew}


{the infamous WHITE party}

{we LOVE kelly cardenas--he is amazing at hair & has a fabulous salon}

{us girls with SCOTT COLE (hair industry legend)}

{the pmts salt lake crew}

{this was just for the picture--dont worry}

{alexa, julian, sean & me}

{kel, alexa & me}

{johnny rockets after a long day of shopping on the strip}

{our room}

{ugliest drive EVER}

{alexa driving :) }

so on monday & tuesday me and my friend alexa went down to vegas to attend this HUGE paul mitchell show called, "signature gathering." it is where all of the salon owners and workers that have only paul mitchell products in their salon are invited to go to. it is 500 dollars a ticket!!! so it is kind of a big deal!! the best of the best are there!! anyways, it was such an amazing experience!! we got to go to almost everything down there and met all of the most incredible hair artist in the world! the only ones we didn't meet were angus mitchell and takashi--however they were literally 4 steps in front of me!! haha. i just love the paul mitchell family and what they stand for!! they are truly one of the best companies in the hair industry!!!!


Candice said...

Looks like you guys had a TON of FUN!! and worked really HARD! I am so proud of you for taking that leap and running with it! You guys ROCK!!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

That seriously looks so much fuN!!! Makes me want to go do hair so I can do fun things like that!

Seriously AWESOME!!!