california here i COME!

home SWEEEEEEET home. im so excited i will be arriving in california at 10 tonight!!! woot woot! if you can't find me i'll probably be at the galleria, san fran, lake almanor, rivercats game, joes crab shack, togos or with my lovely fam at mi casa!!! so all of you that are in california we need to get together and do something! nick will be coming on wednesday!! :) im kinda really sad about nick not being able to come on the same day as me...i hope i can fall asleep.... :(


Kellee and Brady said...

Ugh you suck. jealous. i hate my job haha. we tried to find the purple garage today and couldnt. Miss you. >love you! get lots of sun!

makana bahama mama said...

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