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me, nick and steph

stephanie, monica, ryan and his darling girlfriend megan. 

alan a.k.a. big al

so unfortunately we cant be with both of our families during each major holiday so we decided to switch off. this year for thanksgiving we got to spend it with my lovely new family. it was so fun!! "ter bear" [nick's mom... :) ] is the sweetest lady ever!! her and alan have been so busy (because of his new calling as a bishop) and she still had time to cook a huge feast!! it was delicious!! the night before i came over and helped the girls and ter finish a little cooking and preps for the day. i dont know how i got home some late-- the time kind of flew by. anyways, i attempted to make two pies the night before at like 2 am. i made a banana cream pie and a french silk pie, but for some reason the mousse wasnt fluffing up like it was supposed to in the silk pie so i just left that one at home. haha. i am so grateful and thankful to have nick as my husband and his amazing family!! they seriously are the best!! one day when me and nick have kids we hope to raise them half as good as they did all of their kiddos!! :)


Rob-n-Linds said...

KAYSI!!!!! GIRL! You are beautiful!!! I just miss your face! You and Nick are such a PERFECT fit! I love lookin at your pictures!! updates!! love it! oh and you have no idea how happy I am that your going to Hair school you will LOVE IT! We are moving up north next year I hope we can see eachother more!! me you and whit!!! YAY! Love you girl! Hope your doing so great!

Megan Rose Belingheri said...

Kaysi, I am glad you found my blog! I was sooo nice meeting you and the rest of Ryan's family last month. I hope you have a merry Christmas!!!