ChRiStMaS lIgHtS. ♥

downtown salt lake--temple square

we ran into our friends whitney and todd and their dates.

such a pretty temple!!

nick is so funny!! :)

this week me and nick went to the salt lake temple to see the lights. it was my first time to see them so i was pretty excited. nick on the other hand has gone more times than he could count and wasnt as enthralled as i was. ha. everything was so beautiful it was really neat to get to see everything!! there were so many lights!! i would hate to have the job of putting up and taking down the lights each year!! so my friend brooke was called to temple square and i was dying to see her so i probably asked every missionary to see if they knew where she was. no luck, i guess she was in the office all day or something!! so sad! i will hopefully "run into" her one of these days soon!! ;) anyways, i hope all is well with everyone!! we just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!! xoxo the foxes


Erin said...

Hey cool blog. love it I will have to add you to my list. See you at Christmas.

Tricia said...

Hey Kaysi!

I know it seems like forever. Congratulations on the wedding! You looked gorgeous as did the wedding itself.

I've been good. Just working and spending time with my family and boyfriend!

well, keep in touch!

Take Care,