hApPy BiRtHdAy HuBbY iN fOuR dAyS!!! :)

ok, so i have NO idea how i am going to top nick and his cute little speech below, but i am going to try. ha ha. anyways, today is the LOVE of my life's twenty second birthday!!! yeyyy!! can i just tell you how lucky/ excited i am to spend eternity with this man!!! i cannot wait for you all to meet him- he is such a hardworking, driven, caring, loving, passionate person (did i mention he's incredibly handsome?? ;] )  i know when you meet him you will fall instantly in love with his charm and genuine personality!! i love this man more than he will ever know!! he is constantly making me laugh and smile and is always there for me when i need someone to just listen to me!!! he is everything and more than i ever expected or even wanted in a husband!! i cannot wait for the future and to raise a family with him!! he is incredible!! i love you SOOOO much nick, i wish i was with you on your birthday tonight, i hope you had the best day ever!!! love you and i am so excited to be sealed to you on friday!! xoxo.

love, kaysi (your future wife) yey yey yey!!

ps. i know this is kinda cheesy, but whatevaa i cant help it!! im in freakin LOVE!! haha.


n&e.asay said...

awwwwhhhhh you two are so stinkin cute! i loved his post to you! such a sweetie!!! you guys are going to have so much fun on your wedding day! just remember, everything after the sealing is just for fun to celebrate with everyone, but what happens in the temple is absolutly AMAZING!!!!! :D
i cant even explain the feelings you will have! ahhh haha makes me wish I could go back to that moment again ;)
anyway you guys are awesome! hehe
<3 ya

kelsey said...

YAY!! i'm SO excited for YOU. FOX....such a good last name! Perfect for you:) haha. i can't wait to see YOU!
Love you girl.

n&e.asay said...


JT said...

Hope you're both having an amazing time in Mexico! We heard the wedding was amazing and can't wait to see the pictures! We hope to see you guys soon and finally meet you, Kaysi!!!

Jamie and Dustin

sara e.a.* said...

so sweet! i'm way excited for you! wish i could be there. :) being married is so happy. good luck with everything! and congrats! you're probably married right now as i'm writing this. :) awwwwww! yay!!!!

Granttany said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on our blog! All this time I had the wrong link on my blog to yours! Anyway you two definitely have the happy glow together, I'm excited for you to be married. Being in love is the best feeling in the whole wide world.