5 year anniversary

Ok first of all I have to just say I really am the luckiest girl in the world... I don't know how I scored such a catch! My sweet husband planned the most amazing anniversary for us! I woke up to my husband leaving with Kruz and letting me know I needed to be at an appointment for a massage at 11 and to be ready by 5pm.... No other details! So 5 o clock rolls around and my cousin Renee picks me up and makes me wear a blindfold all the way to a secret location. The car stops and Nick comes and helps me get out of the car (I'm still blindfolded and wondering where the heck I am). I instantly hear Music playing and I'm lead to a seat, Nick takes my blindfold off and I realize that I'm at my favorite place in the world(my grandma Georgia's house) , at sunset, in the most beautifully decorated tent. He overnighted live crab from our favorite place in sf, had my grandma Maryann make my favorite twice baked potatoes, salad, bread....etc! I honestly felt like I was dreaming, I actually still cannot believe that it happened. It really was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me! Every detail was perfectly thought out and executed and to top off the evening I got to watch our actual proposal video that I've never seen. It was the most romantic night ever! Thanks so much to my amazing husband for all of the work he put into making our 5 year anniversary so special! I love you SOOO much!

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