San Fran Trip with my sister in laws :)

Ok, I feel so SOOO guilty for slacking on my family blog! I am going to work on updating this at least once a month! My business, "London Raquel" has just taken off and has kept me so busy! Anyways, this is one of my goals to keep this going so I can look back and remember our families most precious moments! :)

SOOOO, its been a while right?? WELL, we moved back to California last year in September. We are loving it. I missed home, family and warm weather so I am beyond happy to be back to the life I am used to! THE SNOW SUUUUCCCKKKKS! I will never live in a cold climate again, I AM A CALIFORNIA GIRL, THE END! ;)

My posts will probably be way mixed  up and out of order but I just want to get them all up! 


My cute sister in law Stephanie was in town and we had so much fun with her! We took a quick trip down to SF with her! We went to Cheesecake Factory and then did a little shopping at Union Square. SF is so close to us so every time the Fox Family comes into town we take every opportunity to take a trip down! We love the city! :)

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