Florida Vacation

Ok, here is to a little catching up on our CRAZY lives lately!!! :)

We took a week vacation with Nick's Family to Florida this year! We stayed on Anna Marie Island! Hmmm, now where do I start??? Maybe with the fact that my sweet son had an ear infection going into the trip or that our plane leaving salt lake to our destination was struck by lightening and we spent the entire day/night at the airport until they finally put us in a hotel for a few hours until we took off...boy oh boy...that trip had so much potential! YIKES! Anyways, It was obviously great to be with family but hard to travel that far with little ones...Nick learned his lesson that he should always listen to me when it comes to vacationing with kids on far trips like that! I think we will go to Newport next time!! ;) haha, Ok...sick of talking about this trip already! Here are some photos...as you can see I don't think we got any photos of Kruz smiling....haha

See what I mean?? The poor guy was just not having it...We will still love him anyways!!! ;)

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