kruz's 1st vintage airplane birthday party

kruz's 1st birthday came so fast!! i am still in awe that i have a 1 year old!! crazy! he had a fabulous birthday, with lots of family & friends. we decided to just keep it low key and just have a bbq. it was really nice to just hang out & enjoy his day!! he loved opening presents & he LOVED his cake!! my mom said he did the same thing i did when i was one...he slowly stuck his face in the cake...it was so cute!! he's a little sweetheart with a HUGE personality! the whole day he was walking all over the floor...it was so cute! it was like he knew it was his party! haha. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY kruzer!!!!


Mills Family said...

What a sweeheart! He's so cute! Happy Birthday to Kruz :)

Foxs said...

OMG!! That party is adorable. And "low key". I don't think anything you do it low key! ;) It all looks amazing. Seriously, good job, Mama!! Happy birthday, Kruz!

Brooke said...

Such a cute mama you are! Happy birthday cruz