my baby is ONE!!!!!

omg, i cannot even believe i am saying these words but kruz is ONE!!! & boy is he full of energy! he walks ALL over the house, ALL day!! when i was cooking the other day for his birthday he was just walking around, it was the cutest thing ever! i love his little wobble!! :) he loves to move his arms really fast, it also turns into slapping (he thinks its a game!!!). we're working on that right now, trying to get him to realize that its NOT ok to hit...we know he doesnt mean it but we absolutely don't want that habit to start! other than that kruz has a HUGE personality, he always laughs to himself. he LOVES sugar!! when we were taking his first birthday pictures we weren't sure how he would react to the cake, he was staring at it for a while & wasn't sure what it was so the photographer told me to give him a little lick...after he had a taste he slowly stuck his mouth on the side of the cake wanting more. SOOO hilarious, the photographer said that was the first time he had seen that happen!!! haha. SO funny! the other day he wasn't feeling good & i brought him into my bed & he was SOOO laid back & just laid his head on my leg and was totally snuggling with me! oh i miss those days! kruz is just a little angel & we are SO thankful & blessed to have a healthy active baby!! i don't know how another baby could bring us so much joy in life! we're so proud of our little man!! we LOVE you kruzy! xo

 {he is SUCH a boy, during the photos he grabbed on of his airplanes & started making an airplane noise and was flying his plane around....haha}

everyone keeps saying how much kruz looks like my dad in these pictures so i had to show you a picture of what he looked like back in the day!!! 
TWINS???? :) they have the same curly hair & smile!!! 


Lindsi Morrison said...

HE IS ADORABLE!! Serioulsy SUCH a handsome little man! These photos are to die for!! LOVE LOVE them!!

Tammy said...

Those are great pics, Kaysi! Kruz is one beautiful baby, just like his mom and dad! Happy Birthday!!