11 months

can you say ACTIVE??? omg, this kid is EVERYWHERE in TWO SECONDS! if i leave him alone for a minute just playing he is upstairs playing in his play room! haha, i know hes upstairs when its completely silent & i hear his little feet thumping on the the ground! he is comical!!! i love him so much!! he is at the little terror stage right now, the last few weeks we have been having "play dates" with some cute kids his age & he is either taking a binky out of their mouth, trying to touch their eyes or pulling on their bow! i sure hope he isn't like this forever or i am going to have lots of trips to the hospital & many timeouts! haha. however he is still a little angel & melts my heart!! the other day we were playing upstairs and he had just woken up from a nap, i had him sitting in between my legs and he was playing with a toy...he leaned back and put his head on my leg and was just laying their for like 5 minutes and was playing with a toy right next to me! it was SOOOO adorable!!! i miss that cuddly little guy!! 

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