10 months

my little man, is 10 months old!! time is going by quicker & quicker each month! he is keeping me on my toes! if you have ever been inside our house you know how steep our stairs are, so that plus kruz is a little bit of a scary mix! thankfully no accidents as of yet, but his favorite thing to do this month is to crawl up them! he also took his first steps!! seriously the sweetest thing ive ever seen! i just love him so much!! he is also eating "people" food! he LOVES scrambled eggs & mashed potatoes after a week trip to his grandma ginny's house! another one of his favorites are black beans, whenever we go to chipotle we give him some & he always wants more! he is also a little chatterbox wherever we go he is talking realllllly loud or laughing! he loves to be out & about with me! the ladies at my post office LOVE him!! every time they come in he is always cheesing at them!! he is in a phase right now where he loves his stuffed animals & his fuzzy bear chair. when we are playing in his room he tackles his chair and smothers his face in it because its soft! haha i'm just so grateful we have a healthy, sweet little boy! happy 10 months kruz!! xoxo

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