our little cover model!!! haha

i feel like such a stage mom posting this, but i had to! i am so proud of my little man!! a few months ago i saw that they were wanting baby models around kruz's age and so i sent in a few pictures in, not expecting anything back even though i think he is the sweetest, cutest boy around town. so to my surprise we got an email back with the times and when the shoot was, i was SOO excited! so we went to the photoshoot & the amaaaazing nicole gerulat from a little sussy was shooting it & it was for kiwi magazine! she is so talented and can get any baby to smile! so this morning, i just got an email back from her saying he made the cover out of all of the kids there!! we're SO excited, i am on my way to go buy a bunch of copies!! :) i just love that little kruzer!!


Liz and Corey said...

Awesome!!! He is darling, and a great cover model! Where did you see they were wanting models?

Doug & April said...


Foxs said...

Is this the beginning of Kruz's career as a male model?! Way cute picture, Kaysi!