my 9 month old

kruzy, oh kruzy seriously kid you keep me busy! :) he is the most active 9 month old i've ever seen! he can already balance standing up on his own for a few seconds(he did it several times today), he holds himself up against the couch and walks down it, he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING (steps, chairs, his bouncer, highchair, anyone near him), yesterday when we were in the car we turn around to see kruz out of his carseat standing up, facing us. we were DYING & a little freaked out that our son could get out of a buckled car seat while we were driving. i later found out from my mom that i used to crawl out of my seat 3 to 4 times on the way to town when i was his age...i guess i'm just getting my payback?? ;) haha. he is hilarious he is now saying, "ma-ma" it is the cutest thing i've ever heard! when he says it he repeats it like 10 times! he drinks juice, chews on string cheese, loves crackers, cereal & oranges. we gave him a few spoonfuls of frozen yogurt while we were in california and he just ate them right up! kruz loves looking out the window at the lake and watches all of the geese. he is for sure a van dyke, i think he is already wanting to go hunting. kruz, is also attached to his grandpa brian... everytime we go to california it only takes kruz a few minutes to remember who he is and after that he is playing with his mustache and smiling at him! it's the cutest thing. he is also still a daddy's boy, which i know nick just LOVES. the second he gets home kruz cannot wipe the smile off of his face. nick was helping me bring in groceries the other night and kruz was watching him and when nick walked out of the door kruz started crying! attached, much??? anyways, we are so lucky to have a sweet & healthy baby! we love you kruzy!

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Erin Marie said...

Oh my gosh, he is SO cute!