we had a quick week trip out to california, it was super fun to just hang out & relax with my family! there was LOTS of sleeping in, i won't tell you till what time but it was overdue & much needed that's for sure! i am always so surprised every time we go home because kruz acts like he just saw my family the day before...it is so nice! he just loves them! here are a few pictures, i was terrible with my camera this trip. next time, i will be taking more! :)

{just woke up}
 {walking all around grandpa's furniture}
 {all of kruz's new toys from my dad's side of the family}

 {he loved the jets in grandpa's tub!}
 {first time eating frozen yogurt from the best yogurt shop in roseville}

 {kruz's first time eating licorice, he actually liked it!}
 {full after dinner with uncle brandon}

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bren said...

That second to last picture with Brandon is so cute. It looks like Kruz is just thinking like, "yeah, I"m cool". haha And btw you MUST tell me what frozen yogurt place you're talking about. Have you tried Home SPun in Lincoln? It is awesome!