my sweet grandma donna

today the world lost a very special person, i am so lucky to have known such a wonderful lady & to call her my grandma!! i really cannot express the amount of love i have for her without writing a novel all i can say is it is going to be hard to not call her and just talk to her about everything going on in my life!! i will forever treasure the conversations we have had! i think i've already called her cell phone like 15 times today, just wanting to hear her voice! i will never forget going over to her house playing with her green tub full of all of my toys, looking at all of her souviners that her & my grandpa got from different places around the world, making peanut butter cookies with her, playing in the sprinklers in her yard with my brother, flying up to lake almanor with her & my gpa dean, fourth of julys every year at the cabin, crab leg christmas dinners, going shopping with her, her tuna fish sandwiches{they were always the best}, and so many more things! she is the reason me & my cousin stacie & laura have our eye for style, she taught us everything we know!! ;) i always used to say at christmas when i would open a box and it had "macys" on it {or whatever store it was} "ohhh, grandma's favorite store." haha. she really was such a classy lady, over the last few years we have gotten extra close & i am going to miss that!! she was always someone i could talk to and give my honest opinion too and she would listen! i got to go with her to the lutheran church which was really fun!! nick will forever think of my grandma when he sees a mimi's cafe, she loved going there after her church got out for brunch! we went there with her numerous times! she was such a fireball too, i know thats where i get my strong opinions from! just thinking about that makes me laugh!! i was talking to my mom earlier today about how sad i was that she only got to know one of my kids & that she won't get to meet the rest of them, but then i realized that my grandma is spending time with them right now! that really comforted me! i'm just thankful that i got to see her last month and visit with her! i talked to her the day before she died just for a few minutes and told her i loved her! i am just happy she is not in any pain now & she is back with her sweetheart smiling down on all of us!!! we love you GG!!
{a month ago when we went to visit her}

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