my little chatter box

i cannot even get over how BIG kruz is now, he is constantly amazing us with new things he does!! he is such a daddy's boy! when nick gets home kruz always gets the biggest smile and gets all excited!! he loves getting nick's attention!! he is at the most fun age! he is always talking to us!! we love his little noises and screams! haha. kruz was sitting under his play gym and me and nick were in the kitchen and we both heard his say, "i love you!" seriously it was crazy, me and nick were both like, "did you hear that" and he has totally said, "ma-ma" twice now!! im sure it wasn't on purpose and its just baby cooing and gooing, but i will take it!!! nick has already came to terms that its his first word! haha. he's doing so many new things i want to make sure i'm writing them all down so i dont forget!! 


Christa said...

oh my gosh, can he be any more adorable?
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michael. mindy. dane. said...

he is sooo cute! i love this age when they start interacting so much. so so fun!

grant + brittany said...

his face is so perfect. pure. flawless. he is just so adorable. i love his skin.

good job kruz! every baby's first words should be "mama"!

sara e.a.* said...

he is too darling!!! their little lives move so fast, I can't believe how much he has grown and changed. love him!