4 {months}

what's new with kruz now that he is four months?? well, he rolls over all of the time {he started rolling over right after he turned 3 months and hasn't stopped since!!}, i will go grab something in the kitchen & just leave him on his blanket in the living room...i'll literally be gone barely a minute and i come back and he is all the way on the other side of the room!! he is a little mover! he is also, the biggest chatterbox!! he is constantly talking to himself or to anyone that is around him! he goes crazy when he's really excited, i love it!! he is my little buddy, we love him more than anything!! he is also starting to recognize faces!! he def knows who his mommy & daddy are! he's totally a guys guy!! when we went back to california he was just smitten with his grandpa brian and all of his uncles!! its so fun to watch him with people!

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