kruz & his girlfriend joslyn. ♥

so christine & baby j came over today for a little bit & kruz was in heaven!! he was talking and making noises the whole time, i think someone wanted some attention! haha. then we took some pictures of them! i am so in love with them!! they are hilarious, just snuggling! and in the second picture kruz has his arm around her & look at baby j's hand--just on his sitting on his knee! & the so sweet!! i love those two so much!! :) & then the last picture kruz took off j's headband! 


Adam and Annie Fox said...

That s way cute. Kruz looks like he s enjoying that big time! Better watch him when he gets a little older;)

Christine & Todd said...

hahahaha i love them!! hopefully next play date Joslyn will be awake so they can flirt more!! i love little Kruzer's smile and all his cute noises!! i cant wait till him and J can talk at each other. we will have to keep a close eye on them cause Kruz is already trying to rip her clothes off!!