"the animal"

we just love this little animal! even on nights like above, after his bath where all he wants is FOOD & he wants it NOW!! haha. he is so much like his dad in that way! this boy can EAT!! haha. & if i don't feed him immediately after he starts whining he is hilarious to watch! he literally looks like an animal trying to get food! he grunts & like rubs his face all over me! me & nick laugh so hard when he does that! another funny thing he does is when he's not starving & the t.v. is on he will suck for like 5 seconds, stop and see what's on the t.v. & repeat until i just give up and let him watch t.v.! he is so fascinated by it! haha. 

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The Sundloff's said...

how adorable!!! It is so fun to hear about everything he does and makes me more excited for our little one to get here!!! Hope he is half as cute as little kruz!!! So fun! :)