kruz's first visit to {CaLiFoRnIa}

we went back to california for a little over a week last week and it was SOOOO much fun!! omg, it was so hard leaving the second we left i wanted to turn back around. kruz was such a good baby the whole time & he just loves my family!! my dad is now called the baby whisperer because everytime he would start to fuss he would take him and he would just calm right down!! he LOVES his grandma & grandpa van dyke!!! we got to see a lot of my friends and family while we were back there too! nick threw a suprise birthday dinner for me with a bunch of my best friends at bjs!! & i got to meet my friend carlyn's new baby kennedy that was actually born the same day as kruz!! kruz is so much bigger than her, its funny!! it was so fun catching up with everyone, ive missed them sooo much!! i am so excited to go back in july!!! :) yayyy!!!

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