kruz's first {sponge} bath

Untitled from kaysi fox on Vimeo.


last week we gave kruzy his first sponge bath, he was so not loving it!! poor little guy, i cant wait till we can give him a real bath! i think he will like being in the water more than just getting splashed with it!! haha.


Cortney Scott said...

Starlyn HATED, and i mean HATED her first bath. her second one, since she knew what was going on, LOVED IT!!! so he will probably love his second one! he is super super cute!!

Kellee said...

I am so sad I haven't even met him yet! Can I PLEASE see you on monday? Anyways, I was gonna tell you we started giving emm sponge baths every night when he was about a week old, to start getting them into a nightly routine! :) bath, lotion-massage, bottle, bed. It helped him start to get kindof into a routine, and I loved having a set schedule! :) just a thought! I miss you!!! Love you all!

Mills Family said...

OH these pictures from this post and the post previous are so fun!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so super happy to finally see your beautiful baby boy!! He's absolutely darling! So cute!! Being a mom is the best thing in the whole world!! Welcome to the "mom" life...it's amazing from here on out!! I have loved every step of the way with my two kids!!...and now Jayme is 14years old and Trey is 9. Can't believe how fast the days and years have a way of passing by. Just enjoy every single day (even the hard ones :) they are good to experience also)!!!!