first time at church

well technically this is his second time, but his first time going to all 3 of the meetings!!! ;) we went for mothers day when he was two weeks old, but just to sacrament & i didn't get a picture! i was so sad!! anyways, here he is in one of his cute little church outfits...he looks like such an old man!!! he was the best baby (as usual) he slept through all of sacrament, then i fed him during the middle of class and he went back to sleep(btw, so weird being in the mothers lounge...i remember going in their with my mom when she was feeding my little brother!! haha) & then nick took him to priesthood and he said he did awesome!!  we just love this little stud so much!


bren said...

He is so cute, Kaysi! I just had to say that I know what you mean about the mothers lounge. I still feel out of place in there, and am personally, not the biggest fan of it! Can't quite put my finger on why, either. haha You look so good btw. Lucky!!

Cortney Scott said...

Don't you just love the mother's lounge?! I do! He is sooo cute!! I love his little sweater vest, awesome!!

The Williams said...

omgsh i'm so in love! i need to have a boy next, lol! so adorable and you look SO so good!