first family outing. ♥


i cant believe my baby turned 2 weeks old yesterday!! it is crazy how fast time is flying by!! he is seriously the best little baby, we are so lucky!! we took him out for our first family outing & he was an angel. we walked around downtown daybreak (they had a neighborhood party with a band). everyone was so nice just coming up to see if nick was holding a baby or a football! haha. everyone was so in awe of how tiny he was. then we went to red robin, he was loving the music & all of the noise...he was just hanging out in his carseat!! afterwards we went to see the movie "something borrowowed" & he didnt fuss one single bit, he was perfect!!! we were so suprised!! it was a fun little night!


Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

Kaysi, good for you getting out so soon! That gives me hope for myself! I have heard from a few people to take advantage of the first few months and take your baby to movies while they still sleep most of the time!

Claire Cox said...

geez you guys are brave taking him to a movie! im glad he was good! I decided your next outing needs to be to our house!!! I MISS YOU! i need lots of advice on being a mommy

McCormick Family said...

He is so little! I miss him, can we come over this week? How are you feeling? How is it going? I love you so much kays!

grant + brittany said...

could he be any cuter? he just looks so pleasant and peaceful and i just want to snuggle up with him. and you look fabulous as usual. that's awesome you were able to see a movie with no hassle. what a sweet little baby.

the table you commented about sounds absolutely amazing. made out of railroad ties from chile? wow.

so here i am at 36 weeks and 4 days. have any advice for me? for better comfort and things i should know about labor?