baby kruz update


so i am 26 & a half weeks right now & i figured i should do an update on the belly post. :) it is so crazy how much kruz is moving now! i LOVE it! last night me & nick were laying in bed feeling all of his movements! i felt his little hand or foot move straight across my stomach! it was the most amazing thing ever! nick keeps saying things like, "i can't believe that my son is in your stomach right now!" haha, he is going to be the best dad ever!!! he keeps bringing cute little things home for kruz. the other day he went to ikea to get some shelves for his garage & he saw a HUGE stuffed animal shark & had to buy it for kruz!!! he called me right after & told me about how excited it was! little did i know how big it was, i was laughing so hard when i saw it because it is like 4 times the size of newborn babies! then a few days ago he brought home a book for our dr. suess collection & a dr. suess stuffed animal! i just cannot wait for our little guy to get here so i can hold him! i still need to do a baby clothes post which will be coming soon & i have a question for all of you preggo ladies or mommys about cribs! any suggestions?? we have been looking at the babyletto cribs a LOT & we both love the style. so if any of you have any advice or have a babyletto i would love to hear some opinions!! i am SO new at this whole baby thing! ;)


Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

Kaysi, cute picture! Your bump looks so small in the pic. -maybe it's the black!!

Christian and Janay said...

Love those cribs!!!! Try reading reviews on amazon and consumerreports.com!!!

I want to come see you! I miss you! You look SO good!! You are adorable!!!!!!!!!! Love you and miss you lots <3

Adam and Annie Fox said...

Wow you look awesome!!!! you're a gorgeous prego lady that s for sure! I m jealous!!!