christmas {2010}


we had such a good christmas this year, we spent it in utah again with nick's family & grandparents (bill & judy). we all went to the hale center theatre to see the christmas story, which is an annual thing for the fox family. it's such a good play! if you haven't seen it yet i recommend it, it just gets you in the christmas spirit! nick had to work & his job is OVERLY RIDICULOUSLY "nazi" about giving people time off around the holidays so that's why we were here again. we definitely missed my family this year! me & nick were so sad we missed the van dyke family crab dinner, christmas eve at my gpa ken's & then christmas day & dinner at my family's with my cute gma georgia & gma donna! so we just want you all to know that we love you & miss everyone SOOO SOO MUCH! hopefully next christmas we will be out, oh & we will be in california for two weeks in january so i guess it will make up for it!! :) we're so excited to see everyone!! anyways, i hope everyone had a safe & fabulous christmas! 


Doug & April said...

We hope you guys have a wonderful 2011! Happy New Year!

grant + brittany said...

hey my prego sista... i put up some pics of clothes... now it's your turn! and let's see more of your bump! i love the hale center theatre. especially at christmas. have fun in cali!

Colby and Steph Stringham said...

Thanks cute girl! He is so fun! Kruz was actually one of our names!! That's awesome you already know what you are naming him. We went into the hospital with a list of names! It's so hard having to name a person! Haha But surprisingly we knew right when we saw him!! You are so tiny and cute ! I'm sooooo excited for your little man, he is going to have the best mommy!