SnOw DaY. ♥


so i am not going to lie, i was pretty upset about the HUGE snow storm i had to drive home &carry lots of shopping bags in last night! i even accidently broke a new pitcher that i was so excited about for thanksgiving because i was rushing because of how cold it was & the SNOW! the only thing that even made the whole storm worthwhile was watching the plows go down our street a bunch of times, they are nuts!!! seriously, they like backup so fast in the snow!! haha. totally freaks me out. well, needless to say i woke up to the pictures above this morning & the beauty of the snow seriously took my breath away, i had to wake up nick to see! it was even prettier in person!! this is probably the only time i will actually like the snow & i promise you when i have to drive in it, i will be back to hating it again! why can't the snow just stay this beautiful all of the time & leave the roads clear? too much to ask??? anyways, it was a perfect sunday lesson for me to be more grateful for things & to try and look at the beauty in everything! 


Doyle and Chelsea said...

those pictures are soooo pretty!! I know the snow sucks a lot but at least it gets you in the Christmas spirit early! It's still so warm in Georgia, I haven't even thought about putting the Christmas tree up this weekend! It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving/Christmas yet!!

Nikki & Drew said...

well thank you for sharing the picture! it just looks like a cute little mountain christmas town. aw.. i miss the snow. but im with you, i hate driving in it but LOVE looking at it