jAzZ gAmE. ♥

we got tickets to the jazz game last night & took our friends brad & merissa. it was supposed to be a good game because the bucks were #2 in the nba, but the jazz were totally killing them! i think they beat them by 20 or something!

i need your addresses for xmas cards this year

 if you haven't changed your address since our wedding (2008) then you should be fine, i am just printing out all 300 addresses and labeling them! haha, dont judge me! it makes it a million times easier and i just don't want to forget anyone & that way i cover all of my in-laws friends & my parents! :) hopefully, i don't get to many sent back! so, if you weren't on that list or your address has changed email me your address at kaysifox@gmail.com

nick & kaysi


Mills Family said...

Your Jazz game looks amazing! What a fun time you all had! Jay and I were cheering on the team too! We were excited that they took the win.

B&A said...

Brent and Alexa
490 Pioneer Rd Apt. 8302
Rexburg, Id 83440


Leah said...

39 East 600 North #208
Provo, UT, 84606