nick turns 24

me & nick had such a fun day, it started out with the usual birthday breakfast in bed while watching the view! (my favorite...haha) then we opened presents, went and did some shopping, ate lunch, got nicks car detailed and then went to sushi and a movie with some of nick's best buds! it was such a fun day! i just love my husband!! :) thanks for all of you guys who came out! we love you!!

oh & we had some delicious cupcakes from cakes de fleur!! they are seriously the best cupcakes in utah! they taste exactly like magnolia cupcakes in nyc! LOVEEE THEM!


B&A said...

OH MAN!!!! I'm SO SO SO JEALOUS!!!! AHHH I miss you guys! Happy Birthday to NICK!!! Kaysi you are such a good wife to make breakfast in bed for your hubby! Maybe I should follow your lead! hahaha Love you guys, and we miss you both!!

McCormick Family said...

The other night was so much fun! Thank you so much for inviting us we love hanging out with you guys!!!