sacramento {part one}

(my brother found us at the lake & flew over us super low)

we went to sacramento for a week and a few days and were super busy, but it was so nice for us to spend our days with family! we did lots of boating, the boys shot off probably hundreds of fireworks & did all of the usually fun things we love to do when we go home! :) i wish we had more time to see friends, but the second we got home we were swept away with family events! more pictures to come!

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Brent and Alexa said...

great pictures kaysi! Girl how many swimsuits do you have??!?!?! I'm jealous of your dang tan body! So skinny mrs. fox! When you do you graduate! I know its soon!!! I'm sad we didn't get to see you- but we will meet again! I love you and I hope everything is going fanastic!