i ♥ summer

no, i like REALLY love summer & watermelons! :) something about summer just makes me a happier person. maybe its all of the yummy fruit that is in season or the 100 degree weather, but i wish it was here to stay all year round!


Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

I love love love summer fruit too...aaannnnddd everything else that has to do with summer!! cute watermelon pics!!

Brent and Alexa said...

I hate watermelon!!! hahaha but you look good eating it!

Mills Family said...

hahaha you're so cute! I love summer too!

Tricia said...

Your blog is adorable!

Where did you get your shirt at? I love it!!

grant + brittany said...

i love watermelon too. and i do wish 100 degree weather would stay all year around. i love it.

thankyou for all your comments, i love them. and i LOVE that you love pollyanna! it is so cute. i plan to watch it again today while i make more flowers.

i have always wanted to go to the salt flats. i've never been there and i'm from utah. sad. i'm glad you got to go home, it looks like you had a blast. i love how many pictures you always post.

so my hair. ugh. when i went to get it done, marcus (the stylist) told me that we couldn't do color melting because he didn't know my hair was colored. (my hair is lighter than ever, i think he just didn't want to do it) and so i ended up getting bleached highlights, starting under my crown or top layer of hair. and then two HUGE bleached pieces in the front. so my bangs. when i part my hair down the middle there are two chunks of white blonde hair (he left the bleach in for probably an hour). although he did give me a great haircut. i really thought i clarified how much i like "natural" looking hair. now pretty much everyone that saw it thought it was so cute. which i could see how they thought that, however it was just so not me. my hair reminded me of hollywood or something. i don't want to look blonde. especially THAT blonde.

so anyway i went to sally's and bought some 7n and 6g. i put them both in different spots and it did end up taking away the contrast that i hated. but now i am thinking i just want to forget this whole thing and be a brunette. (with color melting too, not just one color hair). i see pictures of me like this-

http://grantandbritt.blogspot.com/2008/07/week-with-jess.html or this-


and i like how my eyes stand out more and i just feel fresher. i'm determined to do it myself, any suggestions on color? level 6 is definitely not dark enough. this is the closest picture i have of what my hair color is now...


anyway sorry this is 2 years long.

grant + brittany said...

we should just use email. or I should just email you!