fathers day is coming up

i have finally figured out what i am sending my dad for fathers day! i LOVE sprinkles cupcakes, thank goodness they deliver!! yayyy! dad is going to love them! :) you can order some here


grant + brittany said...

okay a couple of things, i've been wanting to comment on the beauty must have post forever. first of all, i love morrocan oil. i may try out the tanning stuff. i don't know, i always get scared. SO about the mascara, i haven't tried that one but i did recently try "Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara" and i absolutely love it. SO in case you ever get sick of that one, or i get sick of mine... we'll have to try each others! (okay not like you try my personal one... ;alksdjfl;kasdfklj you know what i mean right?) anyway and then kerastase. k honestly the same thing happened to me, my hair was in HORRIBLE condition, so brittle and breaking off everywhere. kerastase helped so much. i need to go get more.

grant + brittany said...

go check out my hair question down there on the other post :)

lydia. said...

i've never had sprinkles cupcakes, but these looks so cute! i love this idea for a gift.
thanks for the tip, girl! :)