is it a bad idea to get a white ottoman??

first of all, i am so happy for phil!!! i was rooting for him the whole time and how sweet was this moment?? i had a couple tears in my eye!!! what a great guy!!

so i have been DYING over this ottoman for quite sometime ,but there is one major thing that worries me about it... STAINS & CHILDREN!!! don't worry children won't be coming for a while, but stains & shoe marks are freaking me out! is this a definete don't or what do you guys think?? should i just get another color?? there are always bleach pens right?? i want it sooo sooo bad! let me know!

& watch this video, this song makes me cry everytime!!


McCormick Family said...

Kays I love you so much! The other night was so much fun and it was so good to see you! I totally agree, I am now Bret's parrot!(didn't even realize tell after I wrote the sentence that I said totally! This is becoming a problem!) Love the white ottoman, but I do agree I think that it will get way dirty really fast and not just with shoe marks, but also with just the air and dust will make it start to fade. I do love the look though, that's a hard one! Also love the music video, totally good!!!

Doug & April said...

It sure is beautiful...but I would probably lose my mind trying to keep it clean. And for $1600 I'd probably have caution tape around it so no one could go near it :) LOL

I love the look of it though; the comment above is right - the dust and stuff in the air would make it look dingy after a while and all the button holes would be tough to keep clean.

There's a show on called, She's Crafty, and Wendy - the hostess - made an ottoman, white too. I can't find it online, but here's her website http://www.wendyrussell.com/
Anywho, she sanded down a small table, painted it white, put a firm thick piece of foam on top and then a white leather over it (stapling it to the underside of the table)

Kellee and Brady said...

Don't do it!!! We got white bedding and it is already looking not bright and pretty white, and I hate it!!! it is impossible to keep clean, and I'm sure an ottoman would be ten times worse :( ugh find it in black or chocolate haha cuz I LOVE it!